About Joe and Becky

Dr. Becky Liguori has earned her doctorate degree as a Doctor of Metaphysical Science. Rev. Joe has earned his master’s degree and is currently working on his doctorate degree. Reverends Joe and Becky have earned their degrees from the University of Sedona in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Joe and Becky are Ordained Metaphysical Ministers, Metaphysical Practitioners, Spiritual Life Coaches, Reiki Practitioners, Healers, Meditation Instructors, and Angel Card Readers. They also perform House Blessing/Clearings. They conducts Classes, Workshops, private or Group Coaching, and Seminars.

Long before they had begun their spiritual journey to help others, they have been inspiring and empowering people. They have always had the desire to help others and make others happy and joyful. They coach others to live the life they desire. It is their calling to inspire and empower others. They are gifted listeners with a sense of knowing and understanding of people and situations.

Joe and Becky teach to reconnect with nature, spirit, and universal power to live a more harmonious, positive, and inspired life. They believe we all must come back to the oneness of all that has ever been.

"We are one with all of creation; from a tiny insect and microorganism---to the stars, sun, moon, and beyond. We are all connected. There is no such thing as separation. This is universal oneness. I wish everyone could experience this connection for themselves and feel how phenomenal it is. If everyone would personally feel this sense of oneness with the universe, we could all live with true peace, joy, and harmony. We are all exquisitely attuned to the entire universe. Learn to observe this connection and you will witness a transformation in yourself and in your world.”--Dr. Becky Liguori

They have experienced their own challenges in life and have transformed their life to living the life they have always desired. They believe we all have the unlimited potential to live the life we desire by working with the power already inside of each one of us. They teach that this powerful shift can only happen when we transform our inner being and understanding; look within ourselves and make the shift, then our outside world will change. There is nothing outside of us; it is all within us. Joe and Becky help others find what is already inside of themselves to empower and transform their own life in a positive and powerful way. They teach how to reconnect with the natural source inside and how to find the true purpose of being. They also help others turn negativity to a more positive way of living in their daily life.

Wise Words

" When you have completed 95 percent of your journey, you are only halfway there"

- Japanese Proverb