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Going through and getting through difficult times

Today’s topic is about going through difficult times. This topic is an excerpt from my book, Our Return to Oneness: A spiritual guide toward a higher fulfilling and meaningful life. Many people find it difficult to cope when they are going through hard times in their lives.

This is an extremely important universal topic because everyone has difficult times in their lives. I have had many challenges in my life. I did not recognize it at the time, but now I truly know, I am the woman I am today because of going through those complicated periods in my life. I refer to those moments as, beginning steps of my spiritual transformation. I realize now they were an important role in my journey called “life”.

I recall moments I have felt so unworthy to the point of tears. I felt I KNEW I should be doing more and I wanted to do more. Yet, I did not know what to do. I did not feel on purpose or fulfilled. I was longing for change. Afterwards, I came to the realization, I am doing what I should be doing. This is part of my journey. I am on my path. I am at the right place at the right time in my life. I had to bring myself back to having faith in divine timing of the Universe. I recognized, I was being hard on myself for no reason. You should not be hard on yourself either. Please understand there is a purpose for every circumstance and situation. The Universe works in a divine way and in divine order.

When I am going through a difficult and testing period, I say the following mantra; “This too shall pass. Everything always falls into place. The Universe is always working on my behalf. The Universe takes care of everything for me.”

If you get lost, finding your way can be difficult. Know that you will find your way again. Jesus taught us, we must first lose ourselves in order to find ourselves. This means we must first lose our false self, or ego, so that we may find our True Self. This True Self is within you already. It always has been.

When you do feel lost, you may search for answers and guidance. It is crucial to trust in your own inner guidance and knowing. When you ask for answers and/or guidance, do not shut yourself off to getting answers from anything or anyone. Keep your mind open for the answers to come in any form. There have been many times I have asked questions and shortly thereafter I received a clear and direct answer from someone or something completely unexpected.

Prior to incarnating we chose our life experiences, good and bad. We chose negative experiences to have, knowing they are learning experiences for our soul and they will pass. Unlike our souls way of dealing with these experiences; not becoming attached, our human mind attaches to them and keeps them alive in our present.

We must not attach to these experiences or our past. We must detach and let them go and know they are simply learning experiences for our soul to develop. When we have an attachment to results, we tend to have a hard time giving up control. You must have faith and let go. If something does not go your way, it is because something better is manifesting instead.

These difficult times are our life lessons. We learn from these experiences and become more empowered during these times. Please understand these are only temporary periods. As these dark times pass, the light shines even brighter to you and through you.

Have faith in yourself and our Divine Creator. Everything will always be okay. Consider the quote, “Doubt sees obstacles, while faith sees the way.” Difficulties are put forth to us to help us grow. We do not always know why at the moment. But there is always a divine reason.

It is essential to be consistent with taking time to be still and quiet and go within through meditation. To practice meditation during difficult times truly does bring peace and comfort to the meditator. I do admit that during difficult, busy, and hectic times it is tempting to “skip” my meditation. However, when we are experiencing these difficult and crazy times in our lives, it is of the utmost importance to be even more disciplined with our meditation practice. If we meditate during these difficult times, we will find clarity and contentment. I have included many practices and techniques in my book for you to incorporate into your days.

I advise you to choose someone close to you to appoint as your support. We all need someone to turn to during times of weakness in our faith. We all need a mentor and confidant. Stay strong! You absolutely have it in you! Follow and appreciate every new path that unfolds before you. As it is your pathway to a new True you and a new life!

Have faith! You will persevere!
Universal love and light!

Dr. Becky Liguori, Msc.D.


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Wise Words

" For us to fully feel one another and have this connection is possible only when a man unites himself with the source of existence, with the source of life. I wish we could all attain even one hundreth part of that oneness. Then our maladies, our sufferings, our hateful and destructive tendencies would vanish in no time. This world would be a place of joy and peace, of harmony and synthesis."

- Sri Akhilananda