Harmonious Journey Testimonials

Janet P.  "I was dormant with my inner spiritual self. I could not decide what direction I wanted to go in life. Joe and Becky helped open my outlook on my feelings. I moved from church to church. I found comfort with Joe and Becky's teachings. I am yet to settle with one church, but I certainly will follow Joe and Becky in their venture. Now I am well aware of what I believe in. I have welcomed the Holy Spirit in my heart. I understand my past experiences and I have learned to welcome all that has happened and look forward to more that will touch my life in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Joe and Becky for sharing your knowledge and wisdom."

Jennifer G.  "I've known Becky for many years. I would consider her a friend, regardless of how far and few between we speak or see one another. She has always been very sincere in her actions and approach toward people. One thing that I have always admired about Becky is her quiet approach. Over the past year, taking a look at myself and changes I need to make, I have thought about Becky, a lot. I've thought about how she always just quietly takes everything in. She's never quick to judge, nor is she ever quick to lash out with words. Many, including myself, would have thought she was just shy. But, what I believe in my heart now is that she is very aware of people, considerate of their feelings, situations or lives. I'm lucky to have her in my life. So I can use her to help me change. "

Devin B.  : "I consider Becky and Joe as my personal life mentors. When something was wrong, they could always tell, even when I never said a word about it. They would help talk me through whatever issue I was facing. Many times after family gatherings I would stay just to talk to them, whether it was about positive things going on in my life, or negative ones. I will always remember the talks we had about always keeping positive thoughts at all times, and to just ignore any negativity that may try and enter our minds. No matter what, I always left their home with positive thoughts about any situation. Almost every time I walk into their home, I tell Becky how it seems as if every worry, or every stressful thought just vanished just by being in their presence. I look forward to visiting them because of the relaxing, peaceful environment they surround themselves with. I'm one who really believes in The Law of Attraction, but all of my beliefs and interests came from the advice and recommendations they gave me. Not only has Joe and Becky helped me a lot in a spiritual way, but they were the ones responsible in helping me find my inner greatness. They saw something in me that I never really saw in myself, and they let me come on a trip with them to Chicago where we sat through a couple of seminars that changed my life permanently. Without them, I may have never started the business that I now can proudly say that I own. You just never know what can happen once you open your mind, and Joe and Becky made that possible for me and for that I will always be very grateful for their services!"

Lee P.  " Knowing and watching Becky facing her own personal life challenges, rising above them, and coming through them with profound growth and insight has inspired me to explore my own path of spirituality. I am a firm believer that we learn the most when we " trust one who has gone through it." and I can attest that both Becky and Joe have dedicated many years in learning and educating themselves about spiritual awareness and the field of Metaphysics. I have had many meaningful and cathartic conversations with both Becky and Joe that have been so helpful to me. They are my" go to" people on the many topics that have came up while on my journey. If you too are currently on or about to embark on a spiritual journey. I encourage you to contact Becky and Joe. They are passionate and compassionate about helping others find answers. They are well educated in this field, and they can offer you spiritual guidance while you travel along your own path of enlightenment."

Kellie B.  "Becky and Joe have taught me a lot. When going through a hard time at my job, we would get together and talk. They have taught me to stay positive and to help me remember everything happens for a reason. Watching them grow into who they have become has made me realize what I want to become. I have learned from them to change my way of thinking. I am learning to keep only positive thoughts to attract positive things into my life. They have taught me to write down my dreams and look for the signs. But not only to look for the signs, but to react to the signs I have been shown. This not only helped me with my job situations, but this helped me through the loss of my 15 year old dog (Lola). I am so excited to see Joe & Becky change their lives. I am also excited to see where my new way of thinking is going to take me.

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Wise Words

" Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. "

- Lao Tzu